MICRO*SCOPE Encyclopedia of Life classification
    Eucaryota : Archaeplastida : Chloroplastida : Strephtophyta : Zygnemophyceae : Zygnematales : Zygnemataceae
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Part of a filament showing the shape of the ribbon-like chloroplast with pyrenoids. Digital drawing using 5 frames generating depth of focus, stacked manually.
Aufwuchs on roots dangling in a creek´s water. This image was taken using Zeiss Universal with Olympus C7070 CCD camera.

Image under Creative Commons License V 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA).

Place name: River Eider near Achterwehr (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)  
Latitude: 54,308254     Longitude: 9,953706

Teil eines Zellfadens. Die Form der bandförmigen Chloroplasten mit Pyrenoiden wird dargestellt. Tiefenschärfe durch Multiebenenabbildung aus 5 Bildebenen, manuell gestapelt.
Aufwuchs an Wurzeln, die in einen Bach hängen. Mikrotechnik: Zeiss Universal, Kamera: Olympus C7070.

Creative Commons License V 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA).  

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Multi-layer image (DOF)
Spirogyra spec.
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