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    Eucaryota : SAR (Stramenopiles, Alveolates, Rhizaria) : Stramenopiles : Gyrista : Ochrophyta : Diatomista : Diatomea : Bacillariophycidae : Cocconeidales : Cocconeidaceae
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Cocconeis spec. living on the green alga Cladophora.

Sample from the North see near isle of Nordstrand. Images were taken using Zeiss Universal with Canon EOS 600D.

Image under Creative Commons License V 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA).

Place name: North see near isle of Nordstrand (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)  
Latitude: 54,49594138     Longitude: 8,80856752

Cocconeis auf der Grünalge Cladophora.
Probe aus der Nordsee bei Nordstrand. Mikrotechnik: Zeiss Universal, Kamera: Canon EOS 600D.

Creative Commons License V 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA).  

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Multi-layer image (DOF)
Cocconeis spec.
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