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    Eucaryota : SAR (Stramenopiles, Alveolates, Rhizaria) : Alveolata : Ciliophora : Intramacronucleata : Oligohymenophorea : Scuticociliatia : Pleuronematida : Cyclidiidae
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This small ciliat belonging to group of scuticociliates/hymenostomata is not easy to photograph. The picture shows the sail-like undulating membran.
Sample collected from Simmelried near Konstanz (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany). This image was taken using Zeiss Universal with Olympus C7070 CCD camera.

Image under Creative Commons License V 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA).

Place name: Bog Hegne Moor near Lake Constance (Germany)  
Latitude: 47,718106     Longitude: 9,093974

Dieser kleine Ciliat gehört zur Gruppe der Scuticociliaten / Hymenostomata, er ist nicht leicht zu fotografieren. Das Bild zeigt seine große adorale Membranellenzone, die wie ein Segel aussieht.

Probe aus dem Simmelried nahe Konstanz. Mikrotechnik: Zeiss Universal, Kamera: Olympus C7070.

Creative Commons License V 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA).  

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Cyclidium spec.
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