MICRO*SCOPE   Taxonomic classification according to arcella.nl (Siemensma, F. J., Microworld, world of amoeboid
  organisms. World-wide electronic publication, Kortenhoef, the Netherlands) for amoeboid organisms
  or Encyclopedia of Life for all others.
    Eucaryota : SAR (Stramenopiles, Alveolates, Rhizaria) : Alveolata : Ciliophora : Postciliodesmatophora : Heterotrichea : Heterotrichida : Stentoridae
Stentor coeruleus

Tomographical cross-sections through a Stentor coeruleus. AZR = adoral zone of membranelles, MTR = microtubular ribbons, Ma = moniliform macronucleus, BC = buccal cavity. The microtubule ribbons are fully outstretched to give the cell body its maximum size. On the physiology of the microtubular ribbons see Hausmann/Hülsmann/Radek Protistology 3rd ed, Stuttgart, 2003.

Scale bar indicates 50 µm.

Sample from a tropical freshwater aquarium. Sampling date 3/2021. The image was built up using several photomicrographic frames with manual stacking technique. Images were taken using Zeiss Axioplan with Olympus OM-D M5 MKII.

Image under Creative Commons License V 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA).

Place name: Tropical freshwater aquarium  
Latitude: 54.3018013     Longitude: 10.07120132

Tomographische Schnittbilder durch einen Stentor coeruleus. AZR = Adorale Membranellenzone, MTR = Mikrotubulibänder, Ma = perlschnurartiger Makronukleus, BC = Buccalhöhle. Die Mikrotubulibänder sind vollkommen durchgestreckt, im den Zellkörper die maximale Größe zu verleihen. Zur Physiologie der Mikrotubulibänder vergleiche Hausmann/Hülsmann/Radek Protistology 3rd ed, Stuttgart, 2003.

Multiebenen-Abbildung, manuell gestapelt. Der Messbalken markiert eine Länge von 50 µm.

Probe aus einem Süßwasseraquarium. Datum der Aufsammlung: 3/2021. Mikrotechnik: Zeiss Axioplan, Kamera: Olympus OM-D M5 MKII.

Creative Commons License V 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA).  

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Multi-layer image (DOF)
Stentor coeruleus
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