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    Eucaryota : Opisthokonta : Metazoa : Cnidaria : Hydrozoa : Hydroidolina : Anthoathecata : Filifera : Cordylophoridae
Cordylophora caspia

The cnidaria had grown up on the corrosion crust of a steel mesh guard over an on-site preflooder.

Sample froman on-site preflooder on the island of Hiddensee south of the village Kloster. Images were taken using Olympus BH with Olympus C7070 CCD camera.

Image under Creative Commons License V 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA).

Place name: Preflooder south of the village Kloster, Hiddensee (German Baltic Sea)  
Latitude: 54.57611642     Longitude: 13.11450005

Die Polypen waren auf der Korrosionskruste eines Gitters über einem Vorfluter-Siel aufgewachsen.

Probe aus einem Bodden-Vorfluter auf Hiddensee südlich von Kloster. Mikrotechnik: Olympus BH, Kamera: Olympus C7070.

Creative Commons License V 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA).  

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Cordylophora caspia
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